Rendall's of Lochalsh
Traditional Kilts - Handmade in the Highlands
Choosing Your Kilt

First you will need to decide on your tartan. I source most cloth from Lochcarron of Scotland weavers.

Most tartans represent clans or are affiliated to clan names but there are also many district tartans and universal designs. Customers who have no links to a clan or are just looking for something different should still find plenty to choose from.

The medium weight cloth is 13 oz. Also known as 'Braeriach' This is a popular material for kiltmaking and makes a fine, hard-wearing crisply pleated garment. To see the list of tartans available in this weight click here.

The heavyweight cloth is 16 oz. Also known as 'Strome' This is the most common cloth for kiltmaking and I recommend you choose this if your tartan is available in this weight. Using this cloth ensures that your kilt hangs elegantly. It will also hold its shape better than a lighter weight of cloth.

A well made, hand sewn eight yard heavyweight kilt is considered top of the range. To see the list of tartans available in this weight click here.

A kilt made from either weight should last a lifetime and will be of heirloom quality. If you do not see your tartan listed, please get in touch. I can usually source a tartan from an alternative mill.

How to measure for the kilt

It is important that you are measured correctly to ensure a good fit for the kilt. I cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate measurements so please make sure these are exact. There are three measurements needed. Have someone help you take these, and double check every one.

# Waist (A):

Please note. Your waist measurement is not the same as your trouser waist. The kilt sits at your natural waist, just above your navel, between your hips and the bottom of your ribcage. Do not suck in or push out stomach and do not measure over bulky clothing, only over a shirt or t-shirt. Now take a snug fitting measurement around the navel.

Hips (B):

Measure around the widest part of your buttocks. Make sure nothing is in your pockets. This should be a loose measurement.
Length (C):

Kneel in an upright position on a hard floor with knees 2 inches apart keeping your back straight. Look straight ahead and have the measurement taken from the navel to the floor. This will ensure the kilt reaches the middle of the kneecap.